Humani Ex Machina

Humani ex Machina

First solo show presented in Toronto

This new series, HUMANI EX MACHINA, considers the strange mechanical regulation of our everyday lives. For this series, I lose myself in the flow and nuances of time. In "trève des mondes" the horizon appears to flirt with the wind that rests upon its hills. "Le parfumeur des vents" whispers to whomever wishes to be carried away by elegant music. And "moo kee" is the little monkey within all of us, waiting. Just like time is illusory, everything can be an illusion. In the secret of their intimacy, great visions are born. ‘No man’s land’ is where I hide. It is where the creature buries itself where we begin to know each other. Displayed upon billboards, It blamed us for the somber deviations of the soul In the agitated movements of the sea, Great visions are born. Written by Besner The exhibition HUMANI EX MACHINA is presenting twenty-five new works, opens at Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto on November 15 and runs until December 3, 2013.

Toronto, Thompson Landry Gallery - Nov. 14 – Dec. 8, 2013