Les amuse-d’or

ENHANCED GICLEE or H.M.P. (Hand Modified Print), is basically a high-definition inkjet print that has been manually modified by the artist who will have used different medium to transform the original image.


This very high-quality art product thus becomes a collectible item as, after transformation, it is considerate very close to an original painting since each copy is different from the other. Therefore, enhanced edition is usually limited to a very small number of copies.


The painting titled “LES AMUSE-D’OR”, whose original composition is 72 inches by 60 inches, is now available in a limited edition of 12 enhanced large format prints (51” x 44”), as well as an edition of 30 unmodified giclee in a smaller format 40” x 34”. All copies are signed and titled by the artist.

Regular Edition
No embellishment
30 copies
36’’ x 30’’ + 2’’ white margin

Enhanced Edition
Hand Modified Print
12 copies
51’’ x 44’’