Les Madones d’Ivoire

The Ivory Madonnas

Besner presents his muses

The event «The Ivory Madonnas» announce the return of Besner in all the flamboyance we have come to expect from him. This corpus is a tribute to his famous character who has followed him and evolved by his side for more than 25 years. To do so, he chooses to share the particular stories of the madonnas who fill his universe. «The exhibit «The Ivory Madonnas» is, for me, an excuse to pay tribute to a long line of characters who have and will leave its mark on Besner’s work. Without them, we would not have known all that followed. The Madonnas are the flesh of my flesh. They are part of my heritage, Mise en scène. Paying tribute 23 years later is my way of saying thanks. Thanks to all those collectors and amateurs, colleagues, agents and friends who have made me and my Gotha their guardian to rise. » «There are traces only if we leave some.» Something I have said not too long ago.

Montreal, Galerie MX - November 8-19, 2017